I have no shame proclaiming my genuine obsession with this woman (or album).

It all started last January, one cold morning in Nashville. I was doing some very important work on my computer (okay, so maybe I was just bullshitting on YouTube, sheesh!) and I ran across the VEVO premiere for this new song called “Born to Die” and me being the music connoisseur that I am, I did the most sensible thing…I turned it off. So, later on that day I was doing my weekly stalk on Va$htie Kola’s supreme website ( and read an entry on her blog she wrote about her. Of course anything Va$htie is listening to, I surely needed to hear (I mean, she’s only  the coolest human in existence). Ended up watching the video that morning, and that afternoon. And then again that evening. And then a few more times later that night. I became OBSESSED with that damn song!

First off, her voice is beautifully monotonous (what a juxtaposition!) and I would describe it as being similar to Dusty Springfield or Nancy Sinatra. Actually, she calls herself the “gangsta-Nancy Sinatra” and I couldn’t agree more. Her vocals flow together in this uniform manner that makes all her songs sound like these melancholic melodies. AND THE SONGS! Each song from her debut LP Born to Die sounds like they belong in a scene in a cinematic remake of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Consistently haunting in theme, yet lush with beauty and an Americana grandeur, I fell in love. Months after the January release of her debut, I’m still crazy about this woman and foresee lots of nights spent relishing in her summertime sadness.


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